Moving to Bend, Oregon

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As you all know me, I’m a sailor and a skier at heart, this chronicles moving to a new city, a different state, and starting a brand new life after 37 years in California, the past 16 years as a Realtor which gave me so much in satisfaction and new friends every time!

It started last summer when I visited Bend, and my best friend Shelby, for the second time.  When I finally got home after a long road trip, I found I wasn’t over enamored with San Diego anymore.  I was over the hectic, the traffic, Rosecrans St (!) if you know Point Loma, but knew I would miss my friends, my sailing family, and yes they are and always will be family.  But I knew my heart had always belonged in the mountains, with seasons, and especially here in Bend as the people just have an open happy heart – everyone of them.

Most importantly, my youngest daughter and family decided to leave SoCal and move to Coeur D’Alene, and with my oldest in Bozeman, it was a no brainer.

So it began, my mind changed slowly, I thought long and hard, and then I made up my mind.  I started to pack, to organize a U-Haul, to think of EVERYTHING you need to do to change your address, your work, getting a new place to stay, organizing new utilities, cancelling old ones, checking your car to make the road trip, researching like a college bound student but with a lot more knowledge of what to research!

On a very important note, I could not have moved without Brandon and his son packing the U-Haul (paddle board strapped on the roof!) and Cynthia who drove the truck with me following – more will follow as I chronicle how it goes when you decide to change your life completely!!

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