What to do when moving ….

Wow, where to start?  When you make that decision to move, be it to another part of town, different city or different state, there are so many things to organize.

I moved to another state so I started by making a list of current bills, utilities, credit cards (including store and online (Amazon etc.,) and loans (car for me) and all the contact numbers and account numbers.  I then researched my new city and state to get phone numbers in order to set up new accounts for utilities – this is important if you want internet, heat, water, gas and electricity AND in some cases, garbage service on the day of move in!

Also don’t forget to visit your bank(s) and credit union to let them know your new address, along with any debit and credit cards you have with them.

If you’re going to be driving a long distance, get your tires rotated, alignment done, oil changed and liquids checked – brake and wiper fluids can be especially overlooked.

Now, I thought, if I’m that organized where are my moving boxes?  Well most go to Home Depot or similar and buy a bunch, but I was on a budget and found the perfect place to get clean and empty (and) folded down boxes – just go behind a TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross or similar stores, there’s always a green dumpster just full of folded down boxes ready to go and all in different sizes – not necessarily legal (?) but hey, they’re there for recycling anyway.  Another option is to ask on your local site – always friendly neighbors who have extra boxes at hand.

Packaging tape, scissors, labels, big sharpies, bubble wrap (don’t forget towels can wrap stuff too, and blankets) are also important.

OK now I was ready to start somewhere, but where?  Next up, the packing process!!

I was a forever San Diego/Lake Tahoe gal for 37 years until I visited Bend and fell in love ... with everything about this beautiful city. I raced back to So Cal, got a moving van, packed everything I loved (and couldn't live without) and hit the road for Bend, Oregon. Just like that. Now I'm a "Bendonian" discovering everything about the city and surrounding areas. And I want to share it all with you, the good, the wonderful and the best places to shop and eat. So I started this blog to document both the journey and to find ways to make it easier for you when you pull up stakes and strike out for your own life in Bend!

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