Packing – What and How?

It’s surprising how much you find that you had forgotten, had never used or hadn’t used in years!  If you know you’re moving to a larger space that can handle extra ‘stuff’ then by all means go ahead and start packing but take a long, hard look at everything.  These are just suggestions but I hope they help at least get you started!

You may think, well I’ll need that one day, but will you if you hadn’t used it in years?

So weed, weed, weed.  A couple of years ago over Thanksgiving I went through a ton of actual photo albums, surprising how many photos I had of scenery and buildings!  I grabbed a bunch of ziplocs, wrote a year on each and pulled out those pictures of people, the friends, loved ones, the REAL precious memories and stuck them in those ziplocs and threw away the albums.  I put them all in a large plastic box and WOW what space I saved!  Just a thought to start.

When starting to pack begin with those items in each area that you don’t use too often, ie: kitchen – baking bowls, extra dish towels, cups, plates and glasses (saving a couple of each to use until you move).  Living room – books, DVD’s, CD’s, decor and pictures/art.  Bedrooms – extra blankets, sheets, non-seasonal clothing, extra pillows, all that stuff.  Garages – well that’s another story, I’d pack the whole darn lot up!

Keep going until you just have the immediate necessities until finally moving day.  

Items to definitely keep handy:  Vacuum, cleaning supplies, hammer, nails, screwdrivers, notepads and pens (you’ll be making constant lists!), personal beauty items, remotes (you’d be surprised at what gets accidentally packed) and keys to everything important.

Good luck, and LABEL EVERY BOX WHICH ROOM IT BELONGS IN – that’s kinda important for when you unload!

I was a forever San Diego/Lake Tahoe gal for 37 years until I visited Bend and fell in love ... with everything about this beautiful city. I raced back to So Cal, got a moving van, packed everything I loved (and couldn't live without) and hit the road for Bend, Oregon. Just like that. Now I'm a "Bendonian" discovering everything about the city and surrounding areas. And I want to share it all with you, the good, the wonderful and the best places to shop and eat. So I started this blog to document both the journey and to find ways to make it easier for you when you pull up stakes and strike out for your own life in Bend!

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