Saying Goodbye…

Some of my girlfriends at my going away party!

Saying Goodbye IS important!

Whether you have a couple of friends, or a large group, make a plan to have a happy hour, or lunch, just to say goodbye – it’s not over forever – there’s always Facebook and Instagram – but you’re the one moving on and they are staying, it’s easy to forget once people leave, for you and them.  So even if no-one else is arranging anything – you do it – take photos and share memories – they’ll help you once you arrive at your destination and feel a little lonely (it does happen!)

Keep up your Facebook/Instagram page with what’s new with you, your journey to your new place, new sights, new people you meet, and on that note, if you have any old business cards don’t throw them away, keep the for the new friends you make so at least they have your phone number – you never know, you may meet someone who becomes that new bestie or new co-worker!

I was a forever San Diego/Lake Tahoe gal for 37 years until I visited Bend and fell in love ... with everything about this beautiful city. I raced back to So Cal, got a moving van, packed everything I loved (and couldn't live without) and hit the road for Bend, Oregon. Just like that. Now I'm a "Bendonian" discovering everything about the city and surrounding areas. And I want to share it all with you, the good, the wonderful and the best places to shop and eat. So I started this blog to document both the journey and to find ways to make it easier for you when you pull up stakes and strike out for your own life in Bend!

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