Move In Day !!

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Move in Day!

If you are moving into a property you own – Congratulations!  I was moving into a townhouse rental which I had only seen online.  I’d previously set up a craigslist, and zillow search so I would be automatically notified for any rentals coming available in Bend.  Once I saw one I liked, at the right price, I jumped on it.  At first I was 2nd in line but the next day they called and said I could proceed with the application process.  Woohoo, I already had a place to call my new home.

After going to the property management office, I took the keys and arrived!  Much larger and nicer than I thought it would be, I did a full walk through – EVERYONE must do this before you move in anything, so you can see any defects and list them – with renting it can affect your security deposit when you eventually move out.

Now I must say, it wasn’t the warmest of days, it actually hit 35 degrees as a high, the coldest day of the year so far – typical!  I had also pre-arranged for move in help via two guys – Mountain Movers – I had found under a google search.

We got everything inside, then went to pick up a washer and dryer and dresser I had found on FB Marketplace, and a sofa I found at a local consignment store.

The cable guy came that afternoon to hook me up (!) already pre-arranged, and checked the gas and electricity were also on.  The garbage company dropped off my cans the next day. I had my vacuum and cleaning supplies ready, sometimes important if your house/condo isn’t in immaculate condition, and began the process of moving in.


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