Moving Day(s) …

I had ordered a U-Haul truck, my friend, Cynthia, was driving it north with me following in my car.  I had friends who helped load – thank you Brandon (for packing with his son) and Cynthia, you were priceless.  We got everything in, strapped my paddle board to the top of the truck, knew we had 1000 miles ahead of us and said silent prayers everything would arrive in one piece.

We set off at 10am headed for an Air BnB just north of Sacramento, because it was a Sunday I wanted to be past traffic in Sac Town on Monday morning.  We drove past exits for Disneyland, Magic Mountain (I’d forgotten how far north that actually was) and settled down on the drive up the I5 through the Central Valley.  Not the most impressive drive scenery wise, there were high winds and a lot of dust in the air but we did avoid any fires that were beginning to start up and down the coast – October is notorious for our Santa Ana winds and brush fires.

Landed at the Air BnB after mapping out what we thought was a Mexican restaurant – craving a margarita we found it was simply a fast food place – darn!  So with our carry on bags we settled in for the night, had a glass of wine in our room and dreamt of the next days’ journey!

The next morning we set off north again on the I5 to Weed, yup there is a town in California which is super cute if you get past the truck stops on the outskirts, and branched off onto Highway 97, straight run then up to Bend.

Having google maps on and using the ‘Find Gas’ search on the app was priceless as it also gave us prices of gas on the way.  Thank you but no thank you Chevron and Shell, you are way too expensive!

We hauled it through the mountains, small towns, into Oregon.  Stopped at Klamath Falls for the first gas stop that was under $4 a gallon – it was $3.25!  Also you are very much NOT allowed to pump your own gas in Oregon, they have attendants at every garage!

We arrived at Shelby’s house, my girlfriend in Bend, safe and sound, paddle board still strapped to the top of the U-Haul and celebrated with wine and memories of our trip!  Tomorrow = move in day!

I was a forever San Diego/Lake Tahoe gal for 37 years until I visited Bend and fell in love ... with everything about this beautiful city. I raced back to So Cal, got a moving van, packed everything I loved (and couldn't live without) and hit the road for Bend, Oregon. Just like that. Now I'm a "Bendonian" discovering everything about the city and surrounding areas. And I want to share it all with you, the good, the wonderful and the best places to shop and eat. So I started this blog to document both the journey and to find ways to make it easier for you when you pull up stakes and strike out for your own life in Bend!

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