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Update on DMV – VIP !!

I have found out that if you’re transferring your vehicle registration from another State, and there’s no loan involved, or lease, then you will need the ORIGINAL Title for the DMV.

If you do have a loan or lease, your lender will have to obtain the ORIGINAL Title from your State. You will also have to complete the Registration Application – here it is again – and send that, along with these forms – – to your lender, along with a check/postal order for your fees, so they can then send BACK to the DMV here in Oregon once they receive the ORIGINAL Title document.

Sounds complicated, and it is, and it can take a while if you’re not proactive, so just a heads up for all of you incoming to Oregon!

I was a forever San Diego/Lake Tahoe gal for 37 years until I visited Bend and fell in love ... with everything about this beautiful city. I raced back to So Cal, got a moving van, packed everything I loved (and couldn't live without) and hit the road for Bend, Oregon. Just like that. Now I'm a "Bendonian" discovering everything about the city and surrounding areas. And I want to share it all with you, the good, the wonderful and the best places to shop and eat. So I started this blog to document both the journey and to find ways to make it easier for you when you pull up stakes and strike out for your own life in Bend!

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