Driving in the Snow

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* Stay home. Only go out if necessary.

* If you do have to go out plan your time wisely it’s going to take you a little longer.

* Drive slowly.

* Accelerate and decelerate slowly.

* Increase your following distance to five to six seconds.

* Know your brakes.

* Don’t stop if you can avoid it. Especially where people aren’t expecting you to be stopped.

* Don’t power up hills.

* Don’t stop going up a hill.

* Please don’t get aggressive around people who are obviously already nervous.

* Remember that roundabouts get slick.

* Layer up

* Be sure windshield and back windows are clear of snow.

* And flip your wiper blades up so they don’t freeze to your windshield.

* Don’t assume you will actually be able to stop at a stop sign.

* Or that other people will be stopping at a stop sign.

* Drive Defensively. In many cases hazards are created by the other drivers, and you must be alert to avoid problems.

* We always pack a tow strap and a spare battery with starting cables. Those fit inside one of those Home Depot type plastic tool chests.

* It’s also a good idea to pack a moving blanket or a tarp to put on top of the snow if you have to install chains or work on your vehicle.

* Never “gun” your vehicle, you will just lose control. Use a soft touch for the accelerator and the brakes.

* Lower your speed when approaching the crest of a hill, and always slow for curves.

* Fresh snow has good traction, packed and glazed snow is tricky, glare ice and “invisible” black ice are very hazardous. Be super aware of conditions when snow melts and refreezes.

* Downshift when coming off the top of a hill.

* Know how to use your paddle shifters on vehicles with automatic transmissions.

* In treacherous low-visibility conditions, follow other vehicles instead of trying to be the trailblazer. One of the best vehicles to follow is a snowplow!

* Drive slow but with intention.

* Be patient, cause people are going to be driving real slow.

* Prepare for what would happen if you get stuck/breakdown.

* Make sure your phone is charged to call for help.

* Remove snow from your vehicle completely to avoid causing hazards for others on the road.

* If you begin sliding, turn your front wheels in the same direction that the rear of the vehicle is sliding. This will help recover faster in most cases.

* Help each other.

* I does not matter if you have 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive or whatever. What really matters is the right tires. Tires create traction with the snow / ice not your drive system. 4 wheel drive can get you going but winter tires will help you stop.

* The biggest thing I want to add is pay attention to the road not your phone, kids, navigation system etc. That and go slow. As stated above, it does not matter what your drive system is, if you are not paying attention, are going too fast or don’t have good tires things can happen quicker than the blink of an eye.

* To slow down first take your foot off the gas and only put on the brake slowly as needed.

* Carry an ice-scraper and a snow shovel.

* Dress warm enough that you can walk if needed.

* Also carry a big heart and help others in distress.

* Only break in a straight line, never when turning the wheel.

When in doubt, go make some snow angels and have fun without getting in your car!

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