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Well it’s been just a couple of days over one month here in Bend, as I look out of my windows there is snow all around, in the sunlight it’s beautiful.  The first couple of weeks I spent exploring, I drove out to Mt Bachelor where I plan on skiing this winter, it’s only 20 miles away up a beautiful tree lined highway.  I also went on several hikes and have met some wonderful people – mostly through which is super popular here in town for anything from painting, playing games, walking, happy hours, snow shoeing, anything you can think of really.  One of the hikes was down into a canyon along a river that looked just like a mini Grand Canyon – it was stunning.

I also drove around again to get my bearings, to parks, shops, just getting the lay of the land.  Everywhere you go people chat to each other, about anything and everything – if I could put it in a nutshell it’s like a large Mayberry – just a super friendly town!

There’s a large river, the Deschuttes, that runs through town and curves around a bend in the center, hence the name – Bend.  There are several river trails along its banks, through parks, gorges (think mini Vancouver, BC) drop dead beautiful homes and tree lined slopes.  There’s always someone jogging or walking no matter where you go.

And talking of snow, it began to fall last weeknight before Thanksgiving.  I had my snow tires on order through Costco, which is about a 10 minute walk from me.  They’re still on order, hopefully today they will arrive, when I can then be mobile again.  It reminds me very much of Tahoe, larger but still mountains around you, and the snow plows do a pretty good job of clearing the roads but it’s still here.  All my neighbors were out shoveling over the holiday weekend and I’ve icicles dripping from everywhere and clumps of snow keep falling off the roof – it’s also very cold outside but thanks to a lovely warm winter coat I’m pretty toasty!

Another thing to tell anyone moving here from California, your winter clothes are not enough!  Sweaters I’d not worn in years because they were ‘too warm’ are now almost warm enough and thank goodness for my tall Uggs, ski gloves and wooly hats haha.  I’ve also got a pair of ‘YakTrax’ – – several different types on Amazon, which fit on the bottom of your shoes to stop you from falling on your butt in the ice and snow – and my snow shovel (remnant from Tahoe days) which stood on my patio staring at the sun now is a working instrument again.

When it gets to be in the 50’s at night, and you think it’s cold, just think of me when it’s averaging about 20 at night here and maybe, just maybe 40 during the day.  I’m loving it!!!

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