Surviving Winter in Bend!

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If you’re like me, and moving from a warmer climate, there are a few things to consider.

When I first arrived, it was in the 50’s and 60’s – that was the beginning of November and warmer than usual, so I already had enough jackets and sweaters …. so I thought!

Once the month progressed, it got quite a bit cooler, with lows in the 20’s and low 30’s, highs in the mid 30’s and low 40’s. I thought I had it covered, until I found myself chilly when running errands, and first thing in the morning was definitely COLD! I discovered fleece, PJ pants to wear at home that are so cosy and fleecy and warm slippers, socks, heavier sweaters than I had ever thought before, sweatshirt jackets to add that extra layer – there are outlets here, along with Kohls, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross and of course, Costco! These stores all carry warmer clothes than what I was used to and it was definitely a bonus. Budget though, when you move you will receive all sorts of coupons for stores and save them, otherwise you will find yourself spending a lot more than you need.

Staying warm haha !!

Another good investment – gloves and scarves and of course, a warm hat – not the kind you’d wear in your normal winters but ones that actually keep you warm! Also a full winter coat, if you’re not a skier/boarder, you probably don’t have anything nearly warm enough. Puffy coats are popular, as is anything with enough filling, waterproof or resistant, and if it has a hood, even better! I found mine at Costco but the Columbia Outlet here in town has some great buys too.

Got Uggs? We all do, well most of us, but they are a great alternative to snow boots, if they’re newer they will still be water resistant and if not, snow boots can be found in nearly every clothing store in town, and there are a LOT of thrift stores/Goodwill that carry a fair amount of winter clothing and footwear.

My YakTrax on my Uggs!

One more thing you should definitely invest in are YakTrax as mentioned on a previous page – or equivalent – what are they? Well they fit over the sole of your shoes/boots and give you traction when walking in snow, ice and icy snow, kinda like chains for cars. You can find them online at various retailers and are a must here in Bend as it does get icy overnight at times, after snowing or rain, and they can save you from falling on your butt!

And finally, you will need a snow shovel – Ace, Home Depot, Walmart, etc., all carry them.

You may find you need additional things, please feel free to comment to add those to a necessary list for others reading this! Then go enjoy Bend, sun, snow, rain, no matter, it’s an amazing town with amazingly friendly people!

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