New Year, New Friends, New Town

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Happy 2020, by the time you read this it may be the middle of the year or even 2021 yikes!  New Year in Bend usually means house parties, Ubers and lots of good times.  After you are settled here, or already here, you probably joined friends as you celebrated and it’s always a friendly, fun time.

So moving on from there, if you are new or not very social, may I suggest you join a meet-up group that may match an interest you have – anything from gardening, cross country skiing, hiking, walking, playing cribbage, pickle ball, reading and discussing books, stuff to do with children, cooking, literally anything you maybe interested in can be found via a meet-up group here in Bend.  Try checking it out at you never know!

Even just getting out for a walk can help, I did just that this afternoon, got a bee in my bonnet so to speak, and decided to walk up my local Pilot Butte hill.  On the way up, taking the trail and not the road I usually do, I met a lady walking her two beautiful goldens.  We stopped to chat, and continued on together.  She was visiting and looking to move to Bend.  By the time we had finished the round trip, we exchanged phone numbers and I look forward to connecting with her on Facebook and keeping in touch until she makes her decision.  Easy as that.  If I’d not decided to go in the afternoon instead of the morning, taking the trail and not the road, at the same time, I would not have made a new friend by just taking an afternoon walk.

Thank you Bend, for sharing your friendship with everyone here, no matter if they live here or just visiting, you just make everyone more open, there’s more smiles, more Happy New Year greetings, and simply just friendly people everywhere!

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