Bend – One of the 10 Best Places to travel to in 2020!!

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According to – we are one of the 10 Best Places to travel to in 2020! The following is courtesy of not yours truly! ….

Bend, Oregon, is known as the “outdoor playground of the West,” and actual paradise for the athletically gifted.

Bend sits along the Deschutes River, and boasts beautiful alpine lakes. 

The town is blessed with almost 300 days of sunshine, there’s skiing on Mt. Bachelor, various alpine lakes on which to kayak or stand-up paddleboarding, fly-fishing, a river wave that can be surfed, rock climbing, golf courses, and hiking and biking trails aplenty. It’s no wonder that the town’s population has surged recently.

And that’s not all: Bend — nicknamed “Beer Town USA” and “Beervana” — boasts more than 20 breweries (which you can visit as part of an Ale Trail), giving it the honor of having the most breweries per capita in the state of Oregon.

It also has a growing food scene — HuffPo once called Bend one of the best restaurant cities, having the third-most eateries per capita with over 400 restaurants for a population of around 94,000.

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