My Latest Bend Update!

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My Latest Update!!

It’s now the middle of February, I’ve been in Bend for 3 1/2 months and still have a huge smile on my face.  I have my Oregon Real Estate License, a mountain that I crossed, and am pleased to say I am now with Bend Premier Real Estate.  I had my license in San Diego for 16 years, but had to take the whole national test again in order to practice here.  So …. I am now back in business!

What else have I been doing?  Well after a couple of months of getting organized, I also received my new Oregon license plates for my car – note – you car will not look like it did back along the coast or anywhere where it does not snow!  It gets absolutely filthy after a couple of days, even without the snow as the lava rock (and finally dust) that they lay for ice and snow just covers your vehicle so washing more often is needed.

That said, it’s just a small thing to deal with.  Apart from meeting amazing people, I have taken mornings off to visit Mt Bachelor which is just 35 minutes out of town along a beautiful scenic highway, the rest of the loop (Cascades Highway) is closed in the winter but I will definitely be exploring as the summer months arrive and the road reopens again. 

 Also we just had the annual Bend Winterfest which is a true delight.  There were fire sculptures, artworks, ice carving, tents overflowing with local vendors, food and plenty of beverage stations, along with several of the favorite food trucks (see next article) and adjacent to the public stadium with live bands playing.  It seemed like half of Bend visited this past weekend and you always bump into someone you have met and now know.

I have also been walking every Thursday morning with my Newcomers Club along the Deschutes River Trail which is absolutely stunning, as you walk along the river it can be super calm then all of a sudden you have rapids and small waterfalls along a canyon that was carved through the lava remnants from the past volcanic age in this area.

I also went to a presentation about our geologic area, we have several volcanos (most dormant now) within a few miles, Mt Bachelor being one, the others are Broken Top (the oldest), the Sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity, Mt Jefferson, and the Newberry Caldera (the most recent one).  Extremely interesting and now I see where the lava flows were, the small buttes (which were ground eruptions) everywhere, and just how this high desert has been transformed.

Also if you drive out of Bend in either direction to the North, East or South you will pass farms with cattle intermixed with llamas or alpacas, it’s quite different and to the West are the Cascade Mountains.

The Newcomers Club, mentioned above, is a great place to start when arriving here in town.  It is a group that is formed of newcomers and oldcomers alike, they have events every week, sometimes several times a week, and is like a Welcome Wagon and a place to start meeting new people –

Stay tuned and dream of the day you call Bend “Home”!

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