Weird Central Oregon

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Well Bigfoot IS a local legend – we rank sixth in the nation for Bigfoot sightings, you can meet him at the airport when you arrive.  (insert photo of me)  The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization lists Oregon as having 253 reported sightings, Deschutes County (that’s Bend) has 16 and Clackamas (just southeast of Portland) has the most with 27!

There are currently 80 ghost towns listed in Oregon, with abandoned logging and mining towns making us reign supreme as the ghost capital of the nation!

Did you know women are banned from wrestling in Salem?  It’s illegal to eat a donut while walking backwards on any sidewalk in Marion County!  You’re not allowed to whistle underwater while in Portland and avoid boxing with a kangaroo when visiting Myrtle Creek – whoever would think that was possible !!

We LOVE wine!  Oregon has more than 760 vineyards and not only do we like to drink it, we also love to write about it – an average of 44 articles a day are written in Oregon!

We have an official nut – not me !  In 1989 the Hazelnut was deemed the official state nut and we also grow over 99% of the nation’s total hazelnut crop.  We also have brewers yeast as the State microbe and the Dungeness Crab as the official State crustacean – now there’s one to love!

in 1949, way back when, Portland had its first female mayor and she then proceeded to ban all pinball machines.  Now, Portland has more pinball machines than Chicago, Los Angeles and New York with a total of 756 machines in 322 venues – anyone for a pinball game?

On a spicier note, Portland also has more strip clubs per capita than any other city, including Las Vegas …. hmm …

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