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Tumalo Falls

Waterfalls are inherent to Central Oregon, with the Eastern Cascades just a few miles to the west of Bend, there are plenty to visit. Above is Tumalo Falls just a short drive away, you can also hike there if you feel like a 13 mile trek along Tumalo Creek which flows through Shevlin Park on the west side of town.

Some waterfalls were created by lava flows such as Sahalie and Koosah Falls below which are right off the main highway toward Eugene, about an hour out of town, Sahalie was created first and then a second lava flow created Koosah and they are just 1/4 mile away from each other.

Not all waterfalls are 90′ plus high, but they are still pretty spectacular, below are Dillon Falls and Steelhead Falls, both within a 30-40 minute drive from Bend!

And not all falls are ‘falls’ some are cascading rapids which still create a roar and spectacular views!

Size does not matter here in Central Oregon, and these are just a few examples of what we have around us. We love our water, we maybe far from the coast but we are surrounded by natural beauty, rivers, rapids, falls, and it’s absolute heaven, I hope you can one day experience what we do and appreciate as we do!

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