Bend and Central Oregon Wildflowers

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Summer bring a bounty of unique wildflowers to Bend and Central Oregon.

Wild Rododendrums

No matter where you walk, you will find wildflowers here in Bend. When hiking in Central Oregon, you will find even more. With the diversity of high desert and temperate rain forest within an hour of each other, lakes, meadows, glaciated mountains, there is such a contrast in what you can see. Here are just a very few I have spotted on my hikes and explorations!

Visiting the Deschutes National Forest and the Wallamette National Forest, both temperate rain forests, you may find a tiny orchid poking up out of the forest floor, wild rododendrums growing alongside towering pine trees are everywhere, and Beargrass (one of the tallest wildflowers) scattered around. This is where the rain and snow fall, leaving Bend as High Desert so plenty of diversity all around.

Even rocks are covered with mosses galore from the moisture in the forest, and ferns scatter the forest floors.

Meadows offer Shooting Stars, Bunchberries, Gentian, poppies, wild lupines, and daisies everywhere. Bend and Central Oregon are wonderful places to explore, even if you’re not an expert on wildflowers, they are simply just beautiful to look at and treasure!

Even if you are out kayaking or paddling on one of our multitude of lakes, you can still see wildflowers – these were taken clinging to a rock outcrop in the middle of Sparks Lake near Mt Bachelor!

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